Victory Cask Festival a Smashing Success!

The reviews are in, and everyone seems to agree that yesterday’s Summer Cask Ale Festival at the Victory Cafe was a complete success. It helped that the weather was gorgeous, of course – but the 10 fantastic beers and the friendly crowd certainly didn’t hurt either.

The CASK! info table saw a steady stream of visitors looking to learn more about cask ale and help with our cause, and all 10 casks were drained by 6 PM or so, which is proof that Torontonians have a big thirst for cask ale.

(And if the rumours are true, they might be able to slake that thirst again very soon. More info as it becomes available…)


One response to “Victory Cask Festival a Smashing Success!

  1. As a brewer from T.O. who now lives and works in Yorkshire. I would like to congratulate all involved on your first Alefest and thank you for highlighting need for proper ale in our city. I also hope the real ale movement can continue in T.O. so when I come home to visit, there will be an abundant selection of Canadian real ale. Keep up the good work!

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