1st Annual Buffalo Cask Festival – December 5th to 7th

OK, it’s not in Toronto, but a lot of craft beer drinkers up here enjoy taking occasional trips to Buffalo to stock up on beers that aren’t available in Canada, and perhaps enjoy a couple of pints at one of the city’s fine beer bars. And this looks like it’ll be a great event, so it’s well worth a mention…

On Friday, December 5th to Sunday, December 7th, 2008, the 1st Annual Buffalo Cask Festival will be taking place from 12 noon to 12 midnight each day at Cole’s (1104 Elmwood Ave.) and Mr. Goodbar (1110 Elmwood Ave.) in downtown Buffalo.

There will be no advance tickets or entry fee, and least 15 casks will be available between the two locations on a pay-per-serving, first-come first-served basis. The beers will be available while stocks last, and empty casks won’t be replaced, so attendees are advised to come early to avoid disappointment.

This event is being co-presented by Alex Smith of The Gotham Imbiber – who also runs cask events in Manhattan [2nd Annual, Sept. 19-21] and Brooklyn [16th Annual, Nov. 7-9] – and the Great Lakes Brewing News.


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