Cameron’s Announces Details for December Cask Night

camerons_logoCameron’s Brewing have announced the details for the December edition of their monthly “Let’s Drink the Cask” night via a post on their blog. Here’s what they had to say…

‘Let’s Drink the Cask’ Night on Thursday November 27th was a great success. We had a great turn-out of loyal faithfuls as well as a number of new faces. The beer was a remake by Adam of our heralded High Hop Silver, and the food from Whole Foods Markets went fast, which is always a good sign.

We announced at this past Cask Night that our December event would be different in a couple of ways.

First, the date has been moved to December 18th – as the last Thursday is Christmas Day.

And second, we are letting you choose the cask for December.

Simply leave a comment on this blog post with your suggested cask for December. We will choose one of the suggestions and will attempt to make it. As always, the cask will sure to be an interesting and unique brew.

As well, we will be offering limited edition Cask Night t-shirts that outline all of the casks we attempted throughout 2008. There will be a very limited number of these T’s and they will be available mainly through pre-order. If you are interested in this concept, email to reserve your shirt. More details including t-shirt design to follow…

Until then, leave a comment with your cask suggestion and we will see you all at Cask Night on December 18th.

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One response to “Cameron’s Announces Details for December Cask Night

  1. Thanks for the post on our December Cask Night. We’re pretty fired up about this one…I think we’ll have a great crowd and the beer should be very interesting.

    Great job on the blog and we’ll see you down the trail.



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