More Details Announced for Volo’s Ontario Cask IPA/Pale Ale Challenge

Volo (587 Yonge St.) have announced more details for their Ontario Cask IPA/Pale Ale Challenge, which is taking place on Sunday April 5th from 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM.

There will now be 18 ales available, as opposed to the originally announced 16, including the following:

Durham Hophead IPA * Grand River Curmudgeon IPA * Mill St. Tankhouse PA * Durham Hop Addict IPA * Grand River Plowman’s Ale * Scotch Irish Sgt. Major IPA * Church Key West Coast PA * Publican House Square Nail PA * Granite Hopping Mad PA * Mill St. IPA * Black Oak PA * Great Lakes Superior IPA * Cameron’s Auburn Ale * F & M Maclean’s PA * Neustadt Double Fuggled PA * Magnotta IPA * Maclean’s Country Organic IPA * Cool IPA (Name TBA)

This will be a “pay as you go” event with no admission charge. The beers will be sold in 1/4 pint and 1/2 measures while quantities last, and there will be food available as well.

Also announced are the beers that Volo will be offering on the Friday and Saturday of that weekend for the Cask Ale Crawl:

Maclean’s Organic Ale * C’est What Chocolate Hazelnut Ale * Neustadt Texas Tea Stout * Grand River Russian Gun Imperial Stout

Details on the beers to be available at the other participating locations will be announced here soon.


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