Victory Summer Cask Ale Festival – Beer List Announced

The Victory Café has announced the following list of cask ales that will be featuring in their Summer Cask Ale Festival on Sunday July 12th 2009.

Black Oak Summer Saison (Marmalade Edition)
C’est What? Caraway Rye (County Durham Brewing Company)
Cameron’s High Hop Silver
Cheshire Valley IPA
Cheshire Valley English Mild
Compass Albion Ale (Better Bitters Brewing Company)
Durham Hop Head
Durham Hop Addict
Durham Witbier
F&M Stonehammer Strawberry Light
Grand River C’est Wheat
Granite Summer Ale
Granite Hopping Mad
Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale
King Pilsner (unfiltered)
MacLean’s Farmhouse Ale
Michael Duggan No.9 IPA
Mill St. IPA (dry hopped)
Neustadt Black Velvet

Just a reminder on admission/ticket prices:
$12 – admission, souvenir glass, two half-pint beer tickets, plus one food ticket
$8 – admission, souvenir glass, and two half-pint beer tickets
$4 – additional food ticket
$3 – additional beer ticket

Sunday July 12th 2009
12:00 noon
The Victory Café, 581 Markham Street, Toronto


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