Voting Open for the Golden Tap Awards

Vote for your favourite cask ale, pub and brewery in this year’s Golden Tap Awards:

The Golden Tap Awards recognizes the best in beer from across Ontario, and you can vote for whomever you wish in each category, including:

  • Favourite craft brewery and brewery for cask-conditioned ales in Ontario
  • Favourite craft regularly-produced beer, cask-conditioned ale and seasonal or speciality beer in Ontario
  • Favourite craft beer bar, both for draught, bottled and cask-conditioned ale selection in Ontario
  • Favourite brewpub or tied house in Ontario

The Golden Tap Awards party will take place on Saturday, August 21st at beerbistro in Toronto. At this gala event all winners will be announced at a special Ontario beer festival featuring only Ontario craft beers.  There will also be a real-time Golden Tap Awards vote for the best beer available at the festival.  Hope to see you there.


One response to “Voting Open for the Golden Tap Awards

  1. What? No cask social for February. Get on with it.

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