Upcoming Cask Events

We have news of two upcoming Cask! events, plus some other interesting developments to tell you about.

Sunday March 16th 2:00 – 5:00pm. In association with Cask! the Granite Brewery is hosting a Cask Sunday for St. Patrick’s Day. There will be several stouts on offer, including The Barmaid’s T’ale brewed specially by several members of Barleys Angels with Mary Beth Keefe, along with their usual fine selection of cask ales. The Granite Brewery and Restaurant, 245 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto.

Saturday April 26th 7:00pm. Cask! presents another rendition of our charity beer event to coincide with St. George’s Day (the celebration of England’s patron saint). There will be beer and there will be curry, what more can one ask for? (Vegetarian option available). Further details to follow. The Granite Brewery and Restaurant, 245 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto.

Also, some other developments that may be of interest…

Some enterprising members of our Cask! community have organized a Cask Crawl: Beaches to the Junction on Saturday March 22nd. Here is their itinerary:
11:00-12:00: Brunch and first pint at The Feathers
12:30-1:00: Castro’s Lounge
1:30-2:00: The Only Cafe
2:30-3:30: Bar Volo
4:00-5:00: C’est What
5:30-6:30: Bar Hop
7:00-8:00: Victory Cafe
8:30-9:30: Mugshot Tavern
10:00-11:00: Indie Ale House (cask or no cask)
11:10-Last Call: Hole in the Wall

And finally, we are planning a Cask! Social for May to be held at the Junction Craft Brewery. We will send an update once the details have been confirmed.


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