About CASK!

CASK! is a group of people dedicated to raising awareness of local cask conditioned ale and to promote it to a wider audience. CASK! seeks to improve the availability, selection and quality of cask ale in Toronto, and ultimately across Ontario.

Membership in CASK! is free for individuals – register online to receive notifications about our upcoming events and other events that feature cask-conditioned ales in Ontario.

Get Real… Ask for Cask!

Core CASK! Members

mirellaMirella Amato has been a fan of cask-conditioned beer ever since she first sampled it in her late teens. Her enthusiasm for local beer has led her to work full-time to help people discover and explore craft beer. As a writer, she has contributed to a number of beer publications both in Canada and in the US and her first book, Beerology: Everything You Need to Know to Enjoy Beer…Even More was released in 2014. Mirella also enjoys conducting guided beer tasting sessions and seminars. You can find out more about her work on her website, beerology.ca. When she isn’t working with beer, you will find Mirella roaming contemporary art galleries or attending the events that she helps to organize as a member of The Treehouse Group. [Photo: Carlos Lara, Gleaner Community Press]

mazMaz Brereton, aka the ‘Beer Wench’, has been a keen advocate of cask conditioned ale for over fifteen years. Maz is a member of CAMRA (the UK’s CAMpaign for Real Ale) and served as the Ontario branch contact. Most recently, Maz was closely involved in launching cask ale and organizing cask ale festivals for a well known Toronto pub. Her origins in England have bestowed Maz with a wealth of knowledge and respect for cask conditioned ale. On her global beer travels, Maz has toured many breweries, visited hundreds of pubs, and sampled countless real ales. Her feet now firmly planted in Toronto, Maz is keen to see cask ale enjoyed by more people throughout the city, and across our wonderful province. A supporter of the local pub, Maz believes that every community should have a pub, and that every community pub should have cask ale.

robertRobert Hughey and cask ale have a long history together dating back to 1980 in England when he first stepped off a bus from Broadway, Worcestershire to London to meet his new bride’s aunt, who was waiting on the platform. In her hand she held the Good Beer Guide from the Campaign for Real Ale. He knew he had married well when she passed the GBG to him, and then promptly took the pair of them to The Lamb on Lamb’s Conduit Street for a more direct introduction to cask ale. He shall forever be indebted. He tasted what real beer tasted like. It was a profound moment of discovery that he has shared with many over the course of his cask ale drinking tenure. Best known as a cask ale drinker at the Granite, Volo, Victory Cafe and C’est What? in Toronto, he has also been known to brew cask ales at home, and for a number of years hosted cask ale parties at his residence. His annual pilgrimage to England, the Cotswolds and London in particular, in search of great cask ales leaves little doubt about his continuing commitment to consuming the very best real ales. [Photo: Sid]

nickNick Pashley is the author of Notes on a Beermat: Drinking and Why It’s Necessary, reissued in a second edition in September 2008. His next book, an examination of beer in Canada, is scheduled for publication in 2009. He has been drinking in public since October 1, 1965, and is a longtime member of the Campaign for Real Ale (UK). Born 13.6 miles from the Harveys Brewery in East Sussex, he is saddled with an allegiance to Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club, FA Cup finalists in 1983. He has written comic material for Dave Broadfoot and three governors general, and he wrote a humour column for The University of Toronto Bulletin for fifteen years before being fired for offending a bureaucrat. Nick is known to bartenders across central Toronto, as is his pub-minded wife, Anne. [Photo: Sid]